Multiculturalism for the Past and Interculturalism for the Future

Join us to understand the history of British multiculturalism.  What did the term mean, how has it changed over time and is utilised now. Learn how interculturalism differs and could offer a more sustainable way forward when we consider better representation engagement and understanding of difference in the arts sector.  In this webinar we will explore how we can become a more inclusive, equitable and anti racist society where different communities can create and enjoy shared cultural spaces of deep and mutual understanding.

Please, note that there will be no video recording available after this talk.

We are sorry! This event has ended. You can book your place at one of our upcoming events.

Samantha Allen, art engagement specialist, educator
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Sam is an arts engagement specialist, working internationally with audiences, museum and heritage professionals to transform meaning and provide authentic engagement in programming, events and external communications. She is an innovator who combines strategic marketing, education and arts administration to catalyse change and has run her own international arts organisation since 2014. Sam is passionate advocate of racial activism and has a BA in Classical Studies and an MA in Arts Administration and Cultural Policy.

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