Nuances of Latin American Art

Latin American art covers a vast geographic area and includes a variety of diverse cultures. Originating in indigenous art strongly associated with spiritual and religious life, Latin American art was influenced by European and African styles, philosophies and techniques. Nowadays, the contemporary art scene of the region is extremely dynamic and complex, gaining a growing attention from international art connoisseurs and critics. 

During one hour long talk we will explore: 

1) what actually is covered by the term Latin American art?

2) how Latin American art has been shaped and what major forces impact its development today?

3) regional and generational diversity through artworks of 3 female artists: Vivian Cacurri (Brazil), Laura Carralero (Cuba), Lilliana Porter (Argentina). 

We are sorry! This event has ended. You can watch its recording below or book your place at one of our upcoming events:

Andrea Hinteregger De Mayo specialist of Latin American art, Zurich based art curator
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Andrea Hinteregger De Mayo has twenty years of experience in the art market. She currently works at Mai 36 Galerie, Zurich, as director of Latin American art. She published her first book in 2020 Nuances of Latin America Art. She is also the founder and director of Artrepco, a creative culture agency at the interface between culture and art. Artrepco concentrate on 4 main areas of customized services: Projects /curatorial engagements, collections, art travel and research.

Between 2009 and 2015, she was a director and cofounder of Christinger De Mayo in Zurich, a gallery that became a well-established platform for artists from Europe and Latin America with the aim of building bridges between the two continents.

Since 2012, she has been a guest lecturer on Art Market Studies at the University of Zurich and has supervised eight post-graduate theses.

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