War and Peace in the Fine Arts of XX Century

War and Peace have always been powerful sources of inspiration for many art forms throughout the centuries. We will analyse some of them through specific works of art of the 20th Century.

Before World War I, the Italian Democratic Parliament had two opposing factions: one in favour and another against the intervention in World War I. The interventionists inspired one powerful artistic movement which was in favour of the War. They called themselves Futurists. We will analyse the movement, its creators and how even War can inspire great works
of art.

When the Nazi-Fascist forces bombed Gernika, a city located in the North of Spain, Pablo Picasso was profoundly moved. He decided to react and, in 1937, created one of his most famous political works: Gernika. We will explore the painting together and the Peace Centre it inspired. In 1951, Picasso was living in the South of France and, on his 70th birthday, he was invited to paint frescoes for the Castle of Vallauris’ little chapel. He created War and Peace, a series of panels which were recently restored. We will look at them and think about their impact together. Finally, we will recount the story of how Picasso chose the dove as a symbol of Peace and how he became the author of the simplest and most powerful symbol of Peace of the 20th Century.

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Isabella SC Scanderbeg - Italian activist, peace promoter, cultural expert
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Isabella is a Founder of organisation ‘Culture 4 Peace’ offering strategy and expertise to private organisations and public institutions in order to create sustainable development and accelerate cultural actions. She is an advisor in peace-building and public information at UN peace-keeping mission in Chad and Darfur. Isabella is also well-known as a producer of multi-media campaigns promoting peace through heritage, music and art. She is an award-winning author of several plays and an organiser of multiple educational events dedicated to spark dialogs for peace.

Her extensive biography, publications and awards are available on request.

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