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How Digital Art Challenges Traditional Art

Nowadays there are various artistic mediums so how can one tell which is more relevant? Will the birth of a new technique bring the death of older ones? Will digital tools replace classic art? If this happens does it mean traditional mediums are obsolete?

March 20, 2023March 20, 2023
My Cyber Life

My Cyber Life

Anthropology is the study of human behaviour to understand the evolutionary origins and the development of societies and cultures. In globalised and multilayered technologies, the nature of the human relationship changed and a separate research wing has developed recently. Digital anthropology studies are only at the beginning and include in their area of interest techno-anthropology, ethnography, cyber anthropology, and virtual anthropology. 

March 1, 2023March 13, 2023
propaganda poster showing images of women created after Joan of Arc

How Political Myth Changes Mythology

History shifted from monarchies where kings and queens were seduced by a sweet dream of overpassing their ancestors' legacy to modern politics which addresses mythology to manipulate the beliefs and opinions of the masses. Many historical studies analyse how myths from being a positive presence in our lives switched to a political mass propaganda tool.

February 6, 2023February 6, 2023