Social Activism

Language of Anti-Racism

Language of Anti-Racism

Language is a living thing and an important element of social activism.  It is utilised to adhere to the social codes by cultural organisations, supposedly representing the people it serves. However, that representation of language needs further interrogation, because anti-racist terminology is often utilised for different reasons and overtime, shifts in meaning. 

British colonialism through the lens art

British Colonialism Through the Lens of Art

What can art, from the time of British colonialism, tell us about history and culture then and now?  How has Imperial expansion shaped our perceptions of power, greatness and our understanding of nationhood?  Join us for a discussion of a selection of famous British art works.  We will unravel how they have influenced our perceptions of culture, beauty and heritage and still do in society today.  We will also challenge that notion, in a study of some of contemporary art's responses, that bring the Great British narrative into question.

Indian art by R. Kaleka

Postcolonial Happiness : British Empire and Indian Art

Though this lecture does not negate the conversations on and around decolonisation, it mainly focuses on the residual positive effects of colonialism on the art and culture of South Asia-mainly on the Indian subcontinent. The proposed discussion on Postcolonialism and its impact on Indian art is not an attempt to salvage the glorious or inglorious imperial past but to learn how the new world can move beyond this period-together, towards a place of mutual respect, diversity and inclusiveness.

Colourful graphic image of people representing minority groups

Intersectionality: Past, Present and Future

Intersectionality was originally coined to refer to double oppression and was adopted by the black feminist movement before becoming mainstream.  Today it has been repurposed to reflect the many diverse facets of our identities. Join us for a study of black feminism and the evolution of intersectionality. 

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