Project Category: Social Activism

Blood, Guts and Implants: The Role of the Body in Performance Art

Blood, Guts and Implants: The Role of the Body in Performance Art

The human body in performance art serves as a living canvas and vehicle for profound artistic expression. This talk presents artists who push their bodies to extreme places in the name of art and experimentation; they harness the power of their bodies to communicate narratives, evoke emotions, challenge societal norms, and question the very essence of human existence.

Iranian tiles

Addressing Dispersal: Repatriation, Restitution and Tracing Looted Tiles from Islamic Monuments

The subject of colonial-era violence, looting and removal of cultural heritage is a timely. The aim of this talk is to use a couple of related case studies to lay out a framework that could work for all stakeholders, to allow them to come together and address the range of related issues, some ways forward, and how to create a meaningful dialogue that transcends the range of different views on the subject.



Join Samantha Allen for a journey through history to uncover great inventions and explore ideologies created by Black men and women that have shifted, disrupted and challenged how we see and experience the world today. 

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