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Hermits – a place in the modern society

New generations are more preoccupied with the planet’s health, ecology and how pollution and stress are affecting our life quality. In a way, choosing to live today like a hermit in remote areas shows a burning desire of discovering a truth. This similarity with ancient hermits confirms that out there there must be a truth that will give meaning to our lives on Earth and enables us to move forward.

October 26, 2022November 1, 2022

Hippies – A Generation to Remember

We often question our lifestyle to find answers related to who we are and what is the meaning of our short presence in this world. One famous generation born just after WWII dared to stand aside and defy society. These are the exhilarating and transforming years dominated by the hippie movement. 

October 3, 2022October 3, 2022
Magic Mountains - art by Ugo Rondinone, colorful stone sculptures in Nevada desert

Environmental Art Events

The world has a lot of environmental challenges. Pollution, waste, overconsumption, climate change are just some of the problems affecting our planet and urging people to rethink their lifestyle and artists to rethink their art. As a result, more and more artists are creating environmental art that raises awareness and offers answers to some of the environmental issues we are facing today.

February 18, 2022June 13, 2022
Wayne Thiebaud cakes

A Bitesize History of Food Art

From the lavishing Roman feasts to Instagram photos of today, depictions of food have always captivated the human imagination. The fascination led to the creation of food art, a special genre of art that features food, drinks, and other edibles as the main theme or the medium for the artwork.

November 16, 2021June 13, 2022