Project Category: Identity Events

Iranian tiles

Addressing Dispersal: Repatriation, Restitution and Tracing Looted Tiles from Islamic Monuments

The subject of colonial-era violence, looting and removal of cultural heritage is a timely. The aim of this talk is to use a couple of related case studies to lay out a framework that could work for all stakeholders, to allow them to come together and address the range of related issues, some ways forward, and how to create a meaningful dialogue that transcends the range of different views on the subject.


The figure of the gangster in South African photography, literature and cinema

This talk will consider the representation of the gangster with regard to its manifestations in post-94 photography, literature, music and cinema. It will address the complexities at stake in the performance of the ‘urban hustler’ and masculine ‘anti-hero’ and explore the tropes of conformity, vulnerability and so-called ‘deviance’.